A comprehensive rehearsal schedule for 2017-18 will be distributed to members at the first rehearsal. Weekly rehearsals are from 7:30-9:30pm on Wednesdays throughout the school year. Dress rehearsals are scheduled for the Tuesday evening before each of the three regular concert performances.

First string rehearsal: August 30
First full orchestra rehearsal: September 20

Rehearsals begin immediately after the audition period starting with string rehearsals; wind and percussion musicians are required for only 8 weeks before the November and May performances and 5 weeks before the February performance. This allows for a more practical schedule, in particular for the many students participating in other regional ensembles such as the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra. During an EYSO tour season, tour participation is expected, but every attempt will be made to help students resolve conflicts with school-related performances in particular. Part assignments may be adjusted to meet tour repertoire needs. Our next tour season will be 2018-2019.