Nina Burris

Nina Burris (16Ox 18C) graduated from Emory University in May 2018 with a double major in Music and English. Before joining EYSO as its Executive Director, Nina served as the Oxford College Music Department Assistant and the Artists-for-Hire Coordinator for the Emory Center for Creativity and Arts. Focused on archival research and music history for most of her college career, in her senior year Nina completed two major projects: her Honors thesis, “Singing the King’s Opera for the Empresses,” for which she received Highest Honors, and the interactive multimedia exhibition “Learning by Doing: The Music and Teaching of Joseph Guillebeau,” which is currently on display in the Oxford College Student Center. Nina is the recipient of the 2016 Oxford College Music and Humanities Awards and the 2017-2018 Stipe Fellowship in Music. During her years at Emory, Nina sang in Concert Choir and performed with the Javanese Gamelan Ensemble.

An advocate for arts education and humanities research both on and off-campus, Nina has written and presented successful grant proposals to fund both her own research at the British Library and the Library of Congress as well as the production of a Javanese wayang kulit (shadow-puppet) performance given on Emory’s campus in Spring 2018. In her hometown of Augusta, Georgia, Nina has been involved in leading children’s music programs through Symphony Orchestra of Augusta since 2010 and has taught a summer choir class for students in grades K-5 since 2014.

In addition to working for EYSO, Nina continues to participate in Emory’s musical life by singing in the University Chorus and playing in the Gamelan Ensemble. She is also active in Atlanta’s Sacred Harp singing community. Committed to high levels of achievement in artistic performance and scholarship, she is excited to spend her first season with the accomplished musicians of EYSO.

Martha Shockey, Departmental Administrator